Hi, I'm Jess!

I am a yoga teacher, conscious-creator, spiritual student and writer. I love to bake vegan goodies, read, sing, and dance around in the sunshine. Yoga + a holistic lifestyle transformed my life, and I have now made it my mission to create a space for others to experience their own profound healing and transformation. If you would like to read more about my story, please click here.


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Experiencing Kali: Rebirth and Transformation

Okay… here we go. I haven’t written about my personal life in what feels like forever… and for good reason. I didn’t feel ready to share about what was going on. I wasn’t quite prepared to put myself out there and experience the very large possibility of being judged by my peers, ridiculed or misunderstood … Continue reading Experiencing Kali: Rebirth and Transformation

My Top Seven Recommended Books for Yogi’s!

When I first started regularly practicing yoga, I realized how much more it was than what physically happened on the mat. The connection I felt intrigued me SO much, and I wanted to dive face first into every book/article/blog post/YouTube video that I could possibly find. It was super overwhelming at first, so many topics, … Continue reading My Top Seven Recommended Books for Yogi’s!

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher: What I Want You to Know

There are always things that I wish I could say to students, (especially newer students) but just like with anything, there is always a time and a place. So… I thought I could write about it! A few things I wish I could share with every single one of my students… Confessions of a yoga … Continue reading Confessions of a Yoga Teacher: What I Want You to Know

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