Morning Rituals: The Routines That Keep Me Sane

Mornings. I used to be one of those people that skipped morning time all-together. I would wake up no earlier than 10am and sometimes as late as 2pm, and my day always felt so RUSHED… I felt like I had no time to gather myself, to think, to breathe. It was pretty trying on my everyday life.

I love mornings these days. I still wouldn’t call myself a “morning person” but I love to wake up before the sun (or maybe right after the sun :D) and make the most out of every second of the day.

I have a few rituals that I make time to do every morning that make way for an incredible start to the day. They don’t always happen, but I definitely can tell the difference in my energy when they do.

1.) Salt lamp + diffuser.

This is the FIRST thing I do when I wake up. My eyes are still squinty and my energy is still so low, but the warmth from the salt lamp and the smells of eucalyptus are so inviting in the morning.

2.) Oil pull

This came into my routine about a year ago, and I feel so weird when I don’t do it now! Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda dental technique that involves swishing oil around the mouth for anywhere between five to twenty minutes. I use coconut oil, and I typically swish for about ten minutes. If you are interested in learning more about oil pulling, read about it in one of my recent posts: Surviving Wintertime with Ayurveda.

3.) ACV + Water

Drinking unfiltered apple cider vinegar has SO many benefits, so I decided to start adding it to my regular routine. You are probably thinking… how the heck does that taste?! Actually, not that bad. After I oil pull, I drink a glass of water (at room temperature if I can) and then I fill another glass and top it off with a tablespoon of ACV, and drink that as well. It tastes exactly as it sounds- watered down ACV.It’s important to water in down, as vinegar is extremely acidic and shouldn’t be taken straight up.

P.S~ I am in the process of making fire cider, which is a wellness drink that is soaked in ACV for an entire month… I will write about that once I have finished it!

4.) Tea!

So… I cut out coffee TWO WEEKS ago! Yes, I actually did it. Coming from the person who drank two-three cups (sometimes four!) a day, I never thought I could kick it. The first day or two were pretty brutal, but afterwards I felt SO great! Now, turning on the kettle is a must. I’ve always loved tea, but now I definitely drink it a little more than usual. Sometimes green, sometimes black, sometimes herbal, but boy is it a freeing feeling to not have to rely on coffee to stay awake.

P.S~ Giving up coffee has also had an incredible affect on my digestive system, AND my skin! Who knew?

5.) Intention

In every class that I teach, I start by setting an intention for the practice. I do this because I think its important to recognize the internal purpose as to why we rolled out the mat, why we practice yoga, why we come to that space every week. This helps up to better understand the power that lays within all of us… and just as with my classes, in the morning I make it a point to set an intention for my day. Whether its to self-study, get a certain thing accomplished, say I love you to my loved ones, or love myself… Sometimes I write these intentions down, or sometimes I simply bring my awareness into them for a few moments. Either way, it gives my day an extra ounce of positive energy.

6.) Sit

In my last lifetime, whenever I would wake up last minute (which was always) I had NO time to do anything in the morning. I would barely eat breakfast, I was running on a dangerous concoction of sugar + caffeine, and I was rushing out the door which heightened anxiety by one-thousand-percent.

Now, I make time to sit. I get up two-three hours before I have to be anywhere. I do my rituals, drink my tea, make my breakfast, and sit. Sometimes I sit on my mat and breathe and move, and sometimes I sit on my couch and read and write. Sometimes I sit and contemplate and meditate. Whatever feels right to me that day, I do, and it has become the most sacred time of my day.

What rituals do you do? Are there ones that you simply cannot live without? Please share below!

Thanks for reading my friends! Happy Ritual-ing πŸ™‚

xo ~Jess


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