Experiencing Kali: Rebirth and Transformation

Okay... here we go. I haven't written about my personal life in what feels like forever... and for good reason. I didn't feel ready to share about what was going on. I wasn't quite prepared to put myself out there and experience the very large possibility of being judged by my peers, ridiculed or misunderstood … Continue reading Experiencing Kali: Rebirth and Transformation

Morning Rituals: The Routines That Keep Me Sane

Mornings. I used to be one of those people that skipped morning time all-together. I would wake up no earlier than 10am and sometimes as late as 2pm, and my day always felt so RUSHED... I felt like I had no time to gather myself, to think, to breathe. It was pretty trying on my … Continue reading Morning Rituals: The Routines That Keep Me Sane

The Greatest Gift Of All

"Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you." ~Rumi I moved back and forth across the world three times throughout my childhood. It was difficult as a young child to adjust and find friends when everybody already had their lives so settled. I was a social child (its the Gemini in me) … Continue reading The Greatest Gift Of All

The Difficult Side of Sobriety.

The world has imprinted it into our brains that drinking alcohol is normal. Its what people do. Alcohol is present at almost any party we attend, at most dinners with friends, or at any event for a work gathering. Social gatherings are centered around alcohol. Bars are the places that most people want to hang … Continue reading The Difficult Side of Sobriety.