What People Are Saying: Testimonials

“I’ve done yoga all over the world (Europe, India, and many US states). I also used to teach, but I stopped my practice a while ago due to illness. I was beginning at square one in terms of physical fitness. I first attended restorative yoga with Jessica and was amazed! It has been a truly a life changing experience taking class with Jessica.  She brought me back to life after years of illness and tremendous loss in my life! I’ve never had a yoga teacher quite like her. She’s beyond explanation, awesome!!! You just have to take a few of her classes to truly understand what I mean! Take the time to talk to her before or after class…you’ll walk away feeling healed on every level! She’s got a truly healing spirit!” -Prity K.

“As a lover of gentle/restorative Yoga, meeting Jessica has been a very positive turning point in my practice and life. She fills the studio with so much love and light. Her expression of the practice to me is exactly what it should be. And not only is she a natural at gentle and restorative, but I love her Hatha as well! It is very smooth and meditative. To be honest, even if I went to the studio and didn’t perform any asanas. I could just listen to her teach and express her thoughts of the practice and never get bored! After a year or so of contemplating one on one sessions to focus on my personal practice,I decided that she was definitely the right one for me. So I booked a private session and Jessica dialed things in very nicely. She took some info from me and put together a session that left me feeling very good and wanting more. I didn’t think a whole hour was even needed at first, and now I’m ready for a few more! My favorite part of practicing yoga is the shared energy of a good energy group of people in a non judgmental and non egotistical atmosphere. Which is why I will continue to embrace every bit of Jessica’s classes!” – Jeff S.

“I had spent quite some time looking for the perfect (for me) yoga class/studio and for the past couple of years I’ve pretty much had been guided to where I need to be at the right time. This is exactly how I ended up at Ahimsa. After just attending three classes with different teachers, I ended up taking my second Hatha class with Jessica. Her class was all I needed to realize that the kind of guidance she offers is what I’ve been looking for all along. Having practiced in the past and feeling a bit discouraged, I hesitated and held myself back from joining a studio and starting my yoga practice again. Meeting Jessica has been a blessing and I truly enjoy my practice because of her. When I take her classes I leave feeling relaxed with a very clear mind and an amazing sense of self-healing. Her energy and the safe space she creates for her students can be felt throughout the entire class and after. I not only see how passionate she is about what she does; it can be felt too! She takes the time to get to know her students and is vigilant to those with injuries. Practicing with Jessica has awakened something in me that has been tucked away for a while…..self-care and love. I truly enjoy her classes and workshops. She’s definitely one awesome teacher!” -Wanda R.