My Story


Hi! I’m Jess.

I could write an entire book (maybe I will someday!) about how yoga has transformed my life. I could express with such intricate detail about the darkness I found myself within and the gifts I received through the practice… but it still wouldn’t be enough. I was gifted a second chance, and my words simply couldn’t justify the experience.

As I continue to venture down this rabbit hole of awakening, I slowly peel back the layers of my life, diving deep within myself to explore, expand, and understand… and I now have made it my life’s work to guide others in doing the same.

As a teacher my mission is to provide a safe space for my students that allows them to journey inward, and experience their own unique healing and transformation. Each one of my sessions is designed to become an exploration of the Self, a graceful dance between body and spirit, an unfolding story of connection, devotion, strength, expression, empowerment and love.

Yoga isn’t something we do… but a gift that is planted within, and taken with us in every aspect life. 

When I’m not teaching I can usually be found with my head in my journal, my feet on my mat, spending time with the ones that make my spirit shine or making my latest handcrafted creation. I love to make homemade soaps, deodorants and other various products that only use wholesome, authentic, and sustainable ingredients that are healthy for our bodies and the Earth.

My hope is to share this conscious way of life in my teachings, writing, and conscious-creations to help others see the transformational effects of living with intention.

If you’re still reading this and would like to know more about me, here are some other random/interesting facts about yours truly.

  • I was born in England but have lived in the states most of my life.
  • I’ve been vegan for two+ years and vegetarian for two+ years before that, and becoming vegan has been one of the most life-changing parts of my journey.
  • I LOVE food, some of my favorites being mangoes, anything potato, brussel sprouts + dark chocolate.
  • I went to school originally for massage therapy but felt compelled to begin yoga teacher training, so I did!
  • I used to really dislike cooking (and was honestly horrible at it!) and ate out for most meals, but in recent years have discovered a new-found love and appreciation for making food from scratch.

If you’d like to work with me or have ANY questions, please contact me at any time. I am so honored, and feel so blessed, to be on this journey with you.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure!


  • 200 hour YTT internship program through the Edge Yoga School, certified by ACE
  • 200 hour RYT training program through SoderWorld Healing Arts Academy, certified by Yoga Alliance
  • Continuing education in Thai Body Work through SoderWorld Healing Arts Academy
  • Continuing education in Trauma-informed yoga through Prison Yoga Chicago